Who is parminder nagra dating

10-Oct-2017 14:02

Funny lady Molly Shannon has been cast on the Fox comedy as Maxine, the new owner of the market where Jimmy and...

Read Full Story(USA)Is a girl about to come between Shawn and Gus? Find more pictures, videos and articles about Parminder Nagra here.

But long gone were the slicked back hair and footy kit, and Kiera went on to wear some pretty extravagant gowns as Elizabeth Swann in the – fancy!

Their son, Kai David Singh, was born five months later.

Nagra asked that the court award her physical custody of their now 2-year-old son and grant Stenson visitation.

1, Nagra, 36, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the dissolution.

After dating for seven years, the longtime couple finally made it official in 2009 in a traditional Sikh ceremony officiated by the actress' costar Maura Tierney, while fellow TV doc John Stamos and Scott Grimes performed at the reception.

She defied the odds of her traditional Indian family, weddings, and even an incident with a can of baked beans and a stove.

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