Dating a man who pays child support

19-Nov-2017 13:58

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A person who acts as a parent to the children of his or her spouse may have a legal obligation to support those step-children after the relationship with the spouse ends.

Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada decided that it is not in step-children's best interests for a person to leave a relationship, in which he or she has assumed the role of a parent, in order to avoid paying child support.

The rate of poverty among custodial-mom families was almost double that of custodial-dad families.

Spousal and family relationships of varying permanence, and blended families, have become more common in Canadian society in recent years.

Federal and state efforts include collecting payments from non-custodial mothers because they are NCPs, but there is a dearth of efforts that specifically address them.

Is that because: Do the answers to these questions suggest that it's not worth the effort to collect what these moms owe even if it would help custodial dads provide adequate financial resources to their children?

However, there are a few things childless men should keep in mind when deciding whether they are ready to date a woman with a child, or children. Figure out if you like or want kids BEFORE dating a woman with children.The answer to the first two questions is "no." According to a report from the U. Census Bureau, custodial dads were owed .7 billion in child support in 2011.