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This Tom and Jerry couple seems to be the most loved currently.For the newer Shin Changs out there, Ric Syung has actually been famous for a while now.This is her first time traveling alone and more importantly the first time she will be living alone. ¿Qué pasa cuando todo lo que algún día imaginabas y veías como un simple y algo tonto sueño se vuelve realidad, pero más aún importante, que pasa si esa realidad que ahora estás viviendo y creías que era lo que deseabas se va tornando cada vez más difícil al punto de ahora desear nunca antes haber tenido esos sueños? Of people who wanted to be happy, but remained sad. Of people who wanted to be happy, but remained sad. Of people who wanted to be happy, but remained sad.

” you declare to yourself, “how the fuck could someone as manly and straight and American and Christian as Jaebum could be tied for #2? I know we said “getting girls into your pants” but really by girls we meant other boys. Korea and Korean Netizens Yes, we’re calling an entire country gay, because it is.

There was the “one hundred roses” incident, where Eric gave Hyesung a hundred roses for his birthday (there is a picture somewhere as proof).

There’s also the overnight trip they took together during their 2nd album, just the two of them.

Of course, this could all be for media press and he’s duping us all and he’s really doing undercover dancing with his pal, Eru. I remember he went off to rape some girl though, because Tony and Woo Hyuk wouldn’t let him in on the action. Anyway, Korean Beef ain’t sexist like the rest of those dumb K-pop blogs, so we added in potential lesbians to the list too. He could probably bang two girls while beating up the local mafia gang. Sure he acts goofy and perfectly stra—-nge, but saying gay people can’t be strange would be stereotyping. In fact, when Minwoo’s former girlfriend Amy called out Minwoo on being a slutty sleazebag, Dongwan rushed to his rescue unusually fast. Jungmin is famous as the most flamboyant Korean boyband member who ever gayed. Other people call him “one evil bitch” (thanks Hyunjoong! We don’t even have to here exactly why he’s gay when 50,000 other K-Pop fansites will tell you for us, and more than happy to do so.

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2) He really seemed to be enjoying hanging out with hot nurse chicks in a certain photo we saw on Asianfanatics (look it up yourself, we’re lazy). Then they banded together to form the triple-gay orgy JTL and that’s when our dentures really fell outta our mouths! And oh dear, my old age is getting to me, I don’t remember L. Bada And thass’right young pups, Bada was back from our generation too. If you didn’t know Jungmin beforehand, let me tell you right now he lives up to his name. , Australia Directed by Peter Andrikidis Cast: Richard Brancatisano, Andrea Demetriades In suburban Sydney, Australia, a Greek man and a Muslim woman fall in love.